Most of my time is spent for researching. My teaching folio is very closely engaged with my research activities, as well as my publication. This enables me to carry out more than 20 research works, in which many have been fully completed. Also, the research opportunities have enabled me to render my supervision folio, in which a number of PhD students are doing well in various areas. Among topics I am supervising include models of learning materials for visually impaired, hearing-impaired, dyslexic, universal courseware, multi-modal digital interactive storybook, and online shopping. With those opportunities, I have published a number of papers in ISI-cited journals as well as refereed journals. Those are apart from the many papers I published in ISI-Proceedings and other proceedings internationally and nationally. Besides, I also publish my articles in a main mainstream newspaper. On top of that, I also turn my research into monographs. Although I am deeply into academic works, I am also deeply into squash. My desire is to be an outstanding squash player in UUM. In fact, squash inspires my academic world in some ways. I realize that after playing squash, I tend to get new and many ideas to accelerate my tasks. Besides, I also swim, play badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Nevertheless, I love animals too. I have a pond at home, with various types of attractive and exotic fish. Some of them are imported from Amazon, while some are catched from local river. I also own a couple of pairs of very special cock called ‘serama’, hamster, and birds. Although I look busy with my activities, I never neglect my family. My wife and six children always associate me in my daily life. In fact, my children always swim with me, because I am coaching them. We even feed our pets together. At home, I always update myself with their current stories, and share my works with them. In most cases, they also involve in my research works. I always regard my daily activities as ibadah. In ibadah, there are rules. Hence, I always think before doing something, considering it from the views of Allah. With that, I always return my fate to Allah.