My academic career in UUM started in year 2000 as a tutor at School of Information Technology. Later in the same year I furthered my Masters at UTM in the area of Information Security and was promoted as a lecturer in year 2002. I am currently a senior lecturer at School of Computing, UUM after completed my PhD study at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. My PhD thesis titled “Exploring Human Factors Issues & Possible Countermeasures in Password Authentication” discussed issues lingering around the domain of usable security. Usable security is a domain of study which focus on the idea of balancing between security and human computer interaction (HCI). I have great passion for this domain of study because it is challenging yet interesting and has inspired me to explore more both the knowledge and practices looking into how this two crucial domain of study competing each other in parallel. Besides that, I am also interested in any issues pertaining to information and network security. Currently, I am supervising several PhD and masters students who look into the topics related to issue of security & privacy issues of Single Sign-on (SSO) Scheme, security & privacy issues of social media, network security simulation games and advance techniques in Intrusion Detection System. In terms of research grant, I have involved in many researches previously, which among others includes research in the domain of information security awareness & training, information management, mobile applications, e-learning etcs. In addition, I have experience in conducting experimental studies involving large number of participants. I have one ongoing research grant which study on the technique known as adaptive content-sequencing method of online training system for novice programmers. Recently, I have submitted a research proposal of FRGS grant with the topic related to SSO Scheme - looking into potential model to overcome phishing attack.